The Bay of Spirits in brief...

Posted   |   November 09, 2020

The Bay of Spirits is the domain of the Wyvernsbane Barony and its vassals. Based out of Hawkstone, at the western end of the Bay, the Wyvernsbane family rules over a land of sheer cliffs, hidden coves, rugged hills, deep forests, and endless mountains. The land, like its folk, is hard and unforgiving. Winters are harsh and summers are brief. Rich in resources, this area is home to fishers, farmers, loggers, and miners who co-exist with sailors, merchants, soldiers, and adventurers. It is also an Ancient land, with human settlement being relatively new (1500+ years). The Ancients were a race that are now mentioned only in myth or song. Extremely little is known of who, or what, they were. What is known is that they built magnificent and grand structures (spires, castles, and deep, deep tunnels) along with stretches of road and standing stones that dot the wilderness. Even the long-lived Elf-folk know little of these beings. Their disappearance is even more of a mystery. No trace of the Ancients exist, save for the crumbling remnants of what once were glorious sites.


Communities have grown up near these sites, most of which are avoided by the local populace out of fear or superstition. In current times Ancient ruins serve little purpose other than as markers for sea vessels, lairs for goblins and their ilk, or settings for ghost stories or youngling's tales. Mostly, they are a backdrop to daily life in these working villages. For adventurers, wizards, cultists, and the like, the Ancient sites hold unimaginable riches and dangers.

Wyvernsbane Crest

symbol and shield of the Wyvernsbane Barony.


An outstretched Wyvern, white upon a field of blue/grey. This is the traditional emblem of the Wyvernsbane clan. Wyvern Guard above the rank of sergeant wear the full symbol, while regular troops wear the simple ‘barb’ crest upon a dark green field. Iron shields are often rimmed with bronze or bell copper (a hard alloy of copper and tin).

Captain of the Wyvern Guard and uncle of Baron Wyvernsbane.


 A domain of rangers, rogues, druids, and warriors. Where spellcasters draw energy from the land around them. A place that was once home to great beasts and a race of beings known only as the Ancients.


A frontier fiefdom

on the edge of a vast hinterland


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