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a medieval fantasy setting based on original artwork and maps by Randy M.

More than a just place, the Bay of Spirits is a fantasy sandbox setting that is meant to inspire gamemasters and players alike. Evolved from the vaults of plastic totes, countless notebooks and piles of sketch pads, the Bay of Spirits is a world where fantasy art and old school-style roleplaying meet.


This website is undergoing a re-jig in an attempt to better display the material and artwork. The format and style has also been revamped in order to keep things fresh and dynamic. If you are familiar with the Bay of Spirits and other roan studio publications, this site will help to compliment the written and illustrated content to date. I invite you to take a look around, check out a few links, and see if anything tickles your fancy.


More to come.


a little background on the setting...

The Bay of Spirits is a compilation of maps, illustrations, sketches, and text designed to bring more form and substance to a dynamic medieval-style fantasy setting. I’ve attempted to share a lot of these creative seeds - often expanding on ideas started years ago when I was actively playing AD&D™. Some of this material is the inspiration and backbone for many of the self-published products detailing the Bay of Spirits (available on DriveThruRPG.com).



Randy M

roan studio and all that jazz...

Artist, designer, writer, and former DM – now an illustrating Dungeon Master for all. :)


 A domain of rangers, rogues, druids, and warriors. Where spellcasters draw energy from the land around them. A place that was once home to great beasts and a race of beings known only as the Ancients.


an eclectic mix...

A collection of various maps spanning just about everything I've done to date.


More to come.



another eclectic mix.

I love illustrating characters almost as much as maps, and they're often a nice break from a dungeon delve. What follows is a collection of character sketches that will give you an idea of the kind of folk that inhabit this neck of the woods.


More to come.



quests & adventures...

Short adventures, side treks, and mini quests. Great for an impromptu gaming session, random filler, or inspiration for something grander.


More to come.



a medieval fantasy setting


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