Named for thousands of souls that perished centuries ago, the Bay of Spirits is not an inviting place - at first. It is a large fjord surrounded by towering cliffs, bottomless ravines, and almost impenetrable wilderness. Despite this, settlements exist, and flourish. The folk here are hardy and resourceful, carving an existence out of the rugged landscape around them.

welcome to the Bay of Spirits

a medieval fantasy realm based on original artwork and maps by Randy M

This is a land of goblins, faeries, dragons, trolls, dwarves, giants, and the undead. Restless spirits and tormented ghosts haunt ancient ruins and hidden coves. Sea zombies crawl over rocky shores in search of the living. Crumbled castles and abandoned keeps hide untold treasure. Age-old passages remain sealed and shrouded in mystery. Adventure is everywhere.


Dotted with hamlets, villages, and small towns, the Bay of Spirits is an exciting place to explore. Settlements along the coast run a thin line between land and sea. Farmers, fisherfolk, traders, and sell-swords ply their trades alongside merchants, nobles, rogues, pirates, and worse. Superstition runs deep here. Faeries, spirits, and strange magic are the fodder of fireside tales and tavern ballads.


some background on the setting

The Bay of Spirits is a compilation of maps, illustrations, sketches, and text designed to bring more form and substance to a dynamic medieval-style fantasy setting. It is a campaign world which has existed in plastic totes, forgotten binders, sketch pads, and disk drives for the past 3 and a half decades. I’ve attempted to share a lot of these creative seeds - often expanding on ideas started years ago when I was actively playing AD&D™. Some of this material is the inspiration and backbone for many of the self-published products detailing the Bay of Spirits (available on

The Bay of Spirits is part setting, part adventure, with a lot of white space thrown in. While there's plenty of material about this area, many of the details have been left open for interpretation and easy use in just about any medieval-style rpg. This is not a game system. OSR statistics are used as a guideline to give some practical rpg substance to the overall setting. I grew up playing 1st and 2nd Edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons™. This game system (old school style) is my comfort zone. Some of the rules are homegrown, so feel free to use, discard, or adjust to fit your game.


more information on the Bay of Spirits

Some of you may already be familiar with the Bay of Spirits while others may be visiting this site for the first time. Either way, the website has long been overdue for a revamp. I will be adding more material in the coming days and weeks ahead, so feel free to check back from time to time.


Published material on the Bay of Spirits and similar products by roan studio, can be found on DriveThruRPG.


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